Getting Back Into the Groove

Oh my goodness – staying with my training schedule is really hard with a new internship and class! I don’t know how people do it without falling over! Early mornings seem too early, evenings seem too warm (mostly) and require more energy than I feel I have! I just had to whine a bit. I’ve been rather successful with keeping to how many times I run per week (3), but my duration each time is not steady.

Here’s the schedule I’ve been trying to follow, thanks to Emily’s magic computer training schedule maker.

2010-07-20: 0:16 fast 0:32 interval 0:48 easy
2010-07-27: 0:22 fast 0:44 interval 1:06 easy
2010-08-03: 0:24 fast 0:48 interval 1:12 easy
2010-08-10: 0:27 fast 0:53 interval 1:20 easy
2010-08-17: 0:21 fast 0:43 interval 1:04 easy
2010-08-24: 0:29 fast 0:58 interval 1:28 easy
2010-08-31: 0:32 fast 1:04 interval 1:36 easy
2010-09-07: 0:35 fast 1:11 interval 1:46 easy
2010-09-14: 0:39 fast 1:18 interval 1:57 easy
2010-09-21: 0:31 fast 1:02 interval 1:33 easy

Since I haven’t been referring to it right before each run, I’ve ended up either running short or long for what I was doing that day. Not a good idea! I thought maybe posting it might help me stay in line.

Then there’s my running again in conventional shoes. I’m waiting for my order for Bikila’s to show up in early August. I sold my Sprints due to them being a little too thin for me, and I returned the Treks due to them being a little too small. My Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 10 were shoes I was totally in love with when I bought them, but since then have made my everyday shoes minimalist shoes, and in comparison, they feel large and heavy on my feet.

Also, here’s the list of aches I have when running in conventional shoes that I don’t have running in FiveFingers: knees, lower back, shoulders, bunion/toe joints.

In comparison, here’s what doesn’t work for me and the FiveFingers – aching feet after long runs.

At least it’s localized!

Anyway – I’ll contain my frustration. It’s important for me to stay running and stay active, despite my schedule and the demands upon it. Now it’s time to finally go to a Weight Watcher’s meeting (first for nearly a month!) to try to get some control over what I’m putting into my body. It’s sort of a mental reset.

Evening Run with Conventional Shoes

I managed to injure my right heel during my trail run enough to convince me to wear my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 for a “fast” run last night. This was my first real run after my race and hiking, back in my neighborhood.

I’ve decided to consider trading in my FiveFinger Sprints due to the fact that they don’t keep stuff out, and they are really thin compared to other options. I think my feet need a little more protection than they’ve been getting. However, in my old (still close to new) traditional shoes, my feet definitely felt burdened. The plus side is the bruise on my heel didn’t hurt, the downside was my feet felt hot and sweaty, heavy, and I felt two inches taller and out of touch with the ground.

The run itself felt pretty intense. It was 20 minutes long, and as intense as I could muster considering it was the end of a work day, on very little sleep. It was also warm – which really, in Seattle, is warm for an evening, but not unbearable. I can see why some people choose to run in the mornings at crazy early hours before work, vs. doing it in the evening when they get home.

My pace for the 21:45 run was 10:19, which is not my best, but also, I intentionally tackled some hills. I could have probably pushed my heart rate farther, however, I just wasn’t in the mood, and even an hour after dinner, wasn’t quite digested enough to do so.

I look forward to scoping out new FiveFingers and to my heel healing.

Invincibility Through Endorphins

I just came in from my most amazing run yet. I’m coasting an endorphin high after doing a short, fast run (only 15 min, but building up!) in my Five Fingers Sprints in a Seattle downpour. I went out, got completely drenched, ran the fastest that I could, and came back feeling triumphant. I threw my Sprints in the washer as that they were caked in mud on the top.

I’ve had Ani DiFranco in my head lately, and the song “Anticipate” from Live in Clip have running through my head. I have songs that go through my head while I run. Usually it has something about running or speed in the lyrics. I’m not sure what gets Anticipate in my head. Maybe it’s just the rhythm.

Here’s the breakdown of this run today:

  • Time: 00:15:02
  • Distance: 1.606 mi
  • Avg Pace: 09:19 min/mi
  • Avg HR: 171 bpm

If I can manage to keep this up for a full 5K, I might actually meet the challenge that was set up for me for my upcoming race (better than 30 min for 5K).

Now, to shower and get to my last ceramics class. 🙂

Scuba and Running

Today my athleticism was a combination of dry suit diving with Girl Diver at Alki Cove 2 and doing a long run of 39 minutes in my neighborhood.

I’m desperately needing to get back in the water, if only to increase my endurance for kicking. Diving is great for developing all sorts of muscles, from your legs to your arms (for us Northwest divers at least, it’s 50 lbs of gear!)

My long-slow run was slower than I hoped, but actually over all, pretty OK. I didn’t stay as low in my heart rate range as I wanted, which was disappointing. I do have to contend with hills in my neighborhood, though, which makes it hard to keep my heart rate down without slowing quite a bit. I’m still going faster than 12 min/mi, but I am hoping to do under 10 min/mi, especially by late June. I’m finding that my interest in training is flagging quite a bit. I’m wanting a running buddy (not necessarily a group.) I don’t want to feel pressured, I just want to have fun. I also don’t want to drive too far to run. Driving to run? Really?

I’ve neglected hitting the gym and doing yoga. I’ve also been pretty busy doing a number of other things. I hope to be very busy this summer, so it will be interesting to see how that impacts training.

In the end, I’m caught up in my independence.

On a dietary front, I’m really trying to be mindful of carbs. They make me feel sluggish, hungry, and generally icky. Now, I’m speaking mainly of the refined-sugar type. They also make me cracked-out craving them. This is new for me. I’m about 15 or so pounds from reaching my BMI norm. Here’s hoping!

Easy Running – Is this training?

Yesterday I did a long slow run, though because my Garmin Forerunner 405CX was uncharged (oops!), I ended up getting out my old Polar F11 and Nike + SportBand to do my run. This meant doing a lot of manual entry into the Garmin system. This also meant that I was missing some data, like elevation change and being able to see graphs of minute-by-minute pace vs. heart rate vs. elevation. Frankly, I’m not sure if I truly understand those graphs, but they’re neat to have.

As far as my runs last week, I stayed pretty regularly at a 12 min/mi pace. My long, slow run yesterday ended up at 11:37 min/mi though, I have to admit my heart rate edged more towards 145 bpm. I’m a little disheartened that I’m not running as consistently fast as I was when I was overtraining, or when I was edging towards overtraining. Now I’m also even more skeptical about my ability to run a full marathon in August. I know that the point is to finish, but MY point is to RUN. I want to RUN all of a 5K (can do), I want to RUN a 10K (will do!) – until I get the 10K down, I’m skeptical about jumping all the way to a marathon without sincerely giving my all to a 1/2 marathon. And maybe that’s not this year – maybe that’s next year.

I’m running three days a week, and doing two days of strength training. I have yet to get back on the yoga bandwagon, but I’m hoping that if I enroll in a class, that would give me the energy to get back into it.

Finally, a shout-out to Emily, who competed in yet another triathlon!