Getting Back Into the Groove

Oh my goodness – staying with my training schedule is really hard with a new internship and class! I don’t know how people do it without falling over! Early mornings seem too early, evenings seem too warm (mostly) and require more energy than I feel I have! I just had to whine a bit. I’ve been rather successful with keeping to how many times I run per week (3), but my duration each time is not steady.

Here’s the schedule I’ve been trying to follow, thanks to Emily’s magic computer training schedule maker.

2010-07-20: 0:16 fast 0:32 interval 0:48 easy
2010-07-27: 0:22 fast 0:44 interval 1:06 easy
2010-08-03: 0:24 fast 0:48 interval 1:12 easy
2010-08-10: 0:27 fast 0:53 interval 1:20 easy
2010-08-17: 0:21 fast 0:43 interval 1:04 easy
2010-08-24: 0:29 fast 0:58 interval 1:28 easy
2010-08-31: 0:32 fast 1:04 interval 1:36 easy
2010-09-07: 0:35 fast 1:11 interval 1:46 easy
2010-09-14: 0:39 fast 1:18 interval 1:57 easy
2010-09-21: 0:31 fast 1:02 interval 1:33 easy

Since I haven’t been referring to it right before each run, I’ve ended up either running short or long for what I was doing that day. Not a good idea! I thought maybe posting it might help me stay in line.

Then there’s my running again in conventional shoes. I’m waiting for my order for Bikila’s to show up in early August. I sold my Sprints due to them being a little too thin for me, and I returned the Treks due to them being a little too small. My Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 10 were shoes I was totally in love with when I bought them, but since then have made my everyday shoes minimalist shoes, and in comparison, they feel large and heavy on my feet.

Also, here’s the list of aches I have when running in conventional shoes that I don’t have running in FiveFingers: knees, lower back, shoulders, bunion/toe joints.

In comparison, here’s what doesn’t work for me and the FiveFingers – aching feet after long runs.

At least it’s localized!

Anyway – I’ll contain my frustration. It’s important for me to stay running and stay active, despite my schedule and the demands upon it. Now it’s time to finally go to a Weight Watcher’s meeting (first for nearly a month!) to try to get some control over what I’m putting into my body. It’s sort of a mental reset.