Evening Run with Conventional Shoes

I managed to injure my right heel during my trail run enough to convince me to wear my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 for a “fast” run last night. This was my first real run after my race and hiking, back in my neighborhood.

I’ve decided to consider trading in my FiveFinger Sprints due to the fact that they don’t keep stuff out, and they are really thin compared to other options. I think my feet need a little more protection than they’ve been getting. However, in my old (still close to new) traditional shoes, my feet definitely felt burdened. The plus side is the bruise on my heel didn’t hurt, the downside was my feet felt hot and sweaty, heavy, and I felt two inches taller and out of touch with the ground.

The run itself felt pretty intense. It was 20 minutes long, and as intense as I could muster considering it was the end of a work day, on very little sleep. It was also warm – which really, in Seattle, is warm for an evening, but not unbearable. I can see why some people choose to run in the mornings at crazy early hours before work, vs. doing it in the evening when they get home.

My pace for the 21:45 run was 10:19, which is not my best, but also, I intentionally tackled some hills. I could have probably pushed my heart rate farther, however, I just wasn’t in the mood, and even an hour after dinner, wasn’t quite digested enough to do so.

I look forward to scoping out new FiveFingers and to my heel healing.