Easy Running – Is this training?

Yesterday I did a long slow run, though because my Garmin Forerunner 405CX was uncharged (oops!), I ended up getting out my old Polar F11 and Nike + SportBand to do my run. This meant doing a lot of manual entry into the Garmin system. This also meant that I was missing some data, like elevation change and being able to see graphs of minute-by-minute pace vs. heart rate vs. elevation. Frankly, I’m not sure if I truly understand those graphs, but they’re neat to have.

As far as my runs last week, I stayed pretty regularly at a 12 min/mi pace. My long, slow run yesterday ended up at 11:37 min/mi though, I have to admit my heart rate edged more towards 145 bpm. I’m a little disheartened that I’m not running as consistently fast as I was when I was overtraining, or when I was edging towards overtraining. Now I’m also even more skeptical about my ability to run a full marathon in August. I know that the point is to finish, but MY point is to RUN. I want to RUN all of a 5K (can do), I want to RUN a 10K (will do!) – until I get the 10K down, I’m skeptical about jumping all the way to a marathon without sincerely giving my all to a 1/2 marathon. And maybe that’s not this year – maybe that’s next year.

I’m running three days a week, and doing two days of strength training. I have yet to get back on the yoga bandwagon, but I’m hoping that if I enroll in a class, that would give me the energy to get back into it.

Finally, a shout-out to Emily, who competed in yet another triathlon!

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