You have to start somewhere…

Since I’m trying to kick my own ass into getting into shape, I thought I’d hold myself to blogging my exercise this week. My promise to myself is to try each 10 minute workout on the 5 disks of the WeightWatchers PointsPlus Fitness Series with Jennifer Cohen.

Yesterday I did the Cardio Basic, which unfortunately did a number on my knee. I am planning on asking my doc for a PT prescription so I don’t make it any worse. I decided to do the Upper Body Boot Camp 10 minute beginner workout to give my knee a break.

So far, this video series is challenging, but not overwhelming. Yesterday’s 10 minutes left me with just a little bit of muscle soreness, but not enough to deter me from doing it again today. This, I think, is key. The program is a slow ramp-up process. I mean, seriously, after being sedentary for so long (thanks, pregnancy and injury!), who is going to be able to do a full-on 60 minute work out, even if it is “just yoga.” Yoga, even if it doesn’t hurt when you do it, if you just started, can make it hard to move the next day.

The reason I haven’t been going out on walks for exercise, or doing a 10 or 20 minute video, is because I figured it wasn’t worth it. I might as well be sitting down, watching TV. Perhaps just 10 minutes, even if it is only 10 minutes, is what I need to get back to my goal of being in better shape.

Then there’s the, “well, I plan on thinking about the next kid in a year, by the time I lose weight and get in shape, I’ll be pregnant again!” But then there’s the opportunity to make sure my next pregnancy is even more healthy than before. Also, I’ve become more concerned about health and longevity now I have the little guy in my life. I really want to cut down my sugar and refined carb intake (which is hard in Girl Scout Cookie season.)

But anyway, day 2, 10 minutes done, and maybe a walk later. You have to start somewhere… (and I started my training for a half-marathon at 10 minutes of running, so, there ya go.)