Drinking Game? Maybe not…

I’ve been slowly not-adjusting to the new Weight Watchers. It’s still the same basic system, where you count points (PointsPlus) and it’s deducted from your daily/weekly allotment, but it’s all calculated differently. Most of the real-foods I eat haven’t changed in cost (proteins and fats mostly the same, whole grains just a little more), and fruits and a good number of vegetables are free! This, plus I get more to deduct from per day. What’s the killer, though, is that now my 12 oz beer costs twice as much as eating a banana! A glass of wine? Three times! And the banana is now free! It’s almost like they want me to stop drinking and just eat healthy!

So last night an out of town friend told me of a drinking game that she and her friend were planning on playing. It included large quantities of alcohol and – gasp – cheap, tasteless, light beer was the only way to survive the game.

I realized then something that my Weight Watchers leader, Phil, has said that he made the choice years ago in favor of food over alcohol. Last night, I realized I’ve made the same choice. No matter how much I like to feel tipsy, if I’m not drinking something that tastes good, that I enjoy, I’ll save those calories for something I *will* enjoy – something that looks like the glass cupcake necklace I have around my neck.

Plus side – I find that I can easily cure a sugar hangover with a brisk run!