Chasing Away Chase

If you haven’t heard yet, Chase, and other banks, have started on their plans to charge their customers yet more fees. (One of many articles on that here.)

I’ve been chased by Chase most of my money-earning life. My first bank – BankOne. I moved to Chicago, got a local Chicago account, ultimately at First Chicago. First Chicago was bought by BankOne, and I hated it. They raised fees, made me have to pay to use the human teller, and so when WaMu came to town, I jumped on board. BankOne then was consumed by Chase. I moved to Seattle, and was happy to be in the home of WaMu! Then WaMu faltered, and ultimately was picked up by Chase. I’ve been grumbly about it ever since, though now I have more financial stability, their fees hit me less.

That being said, they make money off of my money. Then there’s the fact that I have options, and many of their other customers don’t. I remember being that person, who goes just a few bucks overdrawn to more than $30 in the hole because of the overdraft fees. I’ve had rent checks bounce, because my school loan direct deposit was overdue to my account. My account was usually teetering just above $5 more than I’d like to admit. It’s tough, and I do not support them making money off of my money, and threatening people with the least means, with more fees.

Maybe they’re well within their rights, and as a person who can see the good in capitalism, I see that they are. But as a consumer, I’m within my right to try to make my voice heard by where I choose to take my business. Today, I chose the step of opening an account with a local credit union. It was stupidly easy, and I did it all online. I look forward to my freedom from Chase, once again.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Away Chase

  1. I wish I could open an account at the “WTF Credit Union.”

    How long did it take you to port over all of your auto-debit stuff? It seems like I would have to take a full day just to do that. It the long run, I think it would be worthwhile, though.

  2. yeah, i have chase and just got their fee notice. you know what kills me about it? they are completely screwing entrepreneurs and freelancers. because those folks generally do not get their pay direct deposited, and that’s the easiest way to avoid the chase fees. way to punish people for going out on their own rather than working in corporate america. if i leave my job i have to change banks because my next job will likely be freelance and i won’t have direct deposit anymore.

    i actually do have enough money in my emergency savings that i could maintain whatever the minimum balance is that they want now. but why would i do that when a) i’d be earning nothing on it and b) it’s, you know, my emergency savings and i might need it in case of an actual emergency?

    ugh. it just makes me SO angry.

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