Unintended Rest Days: Sick Days

For the past few days I thought I was fighting allergies. I am coming to terms with the fact that today, I’m not having an allergic reaction, I’m having a head cold. I’ve got the sluggish body load, full sinuses and ear pressure and a scratch throat. It’s not the worst cold ever, but I’m feeling pretty icky. This article in Runner’s World talks about whether or not you should run when you feel sick. The gist that I get, is that if it’s a illness above the neck, you’re probably generally fine to run your normal runs, but if it’s below the neck, to take three days off. There is also mention that some illnesses, like sinus infections, can lead to worse illnesses, and what I gather, taking time off when you’re sick might not be a bad thing.

It’s just that I already have slacked off due to my two races, two weekends in a row!

I, however, prefer getting better to getting sicker, and I have a big weekend of fun (a friend coming in from out of town, possible hiking, definite BBQ’ing) and am starting classes (and maybe even an internship) soon.

It’s hard not to feel the pressure to run, even though I feel dragged down. How do you cope with sick days and exercise?