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A new friend, a few weeks ago, updated his Facebook status that he had been shopping for minimalist shoes, and landed on Terra Plana shoes with their Vivo Barefoot technology. He’s been looking for minimalist shoes that masquerade as good work shoes – so I had to look myself. Not because I’m a crazy, minimalist shoe enthusiast, but because I’ve been looking for a simple, casual women’s flat shoe that doesn’t have crazy bumpers that make it look like I’m going off-roading. I totally love being in the Northwest, and the Northwest aesthetic – to a point – however, I don’t want to wear shoes that make me look like a poster-child for REI. Sometimes I want to look as fashionable as New York, but as comfortable as Seattle. And I don’t want to break the bank.

I was lucky that I found Terra Plana Odette Ballet Skimmer Endless/Amazon had a sale on one of the more casual styles, and I went for it. I ordered a size smaller than I found I should, however, the size I picked is still comfortable enough to wear EVEY DAY. I am still ridiculously in touch with the ground, but feel like I’m wearing slippers. They’re super-cute, too. It’s a shame they don’t sell them in stores in the US (that I can tell) – because they have some great styles, even outside of their minimalist designs.

Many blogs say they fit a bit smaller than listed – and I would definitely recommend going by whatever your size is in European sizing, not what the website converts as the US sizing. I should have gotten a 39 (which is what I wear in most of my shoes these days), and not a 38 (which is what I wear in Vibram Five Fingers Sprint. The thing is, with the Sprints, they’re supposed to be fitting like a glove. I really think the Terra Plana’s are meant to have a bit more space at the toe. I’m not receiving any ill effects from having them snug, but I will be ordering future pairs at a EU 39.

I’m pretty excited. I like comfy shoes. I love walking. I love the idea of having a cute shoe, that’s work appropriate, that won’t break the bank and won’t make you look like you’re going on a hike. Why is this so hard to find? I’ve heard great things about Jimmy Choo flats, but I can’t say my budget quite affords that $500 gamble. The Terra Planas, even without a sale, don’t cost much more than your average pair of Earth, Keen, Privo, Ahnu, or Dansko shoes. They have less clunk, a little more style, and in the Odette, a lot of comfort.

Consider these shoes highly recommended.

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