Drink Tap Water

Plastic Trash in Cozumel

We are fortunate, in the US, to have access to safe drinking water from our taps. Often, our tap water exceeds the safety of bottled water and tastes better than bottled water.

Bottled water is bad for us. From the manufacturing of the plastic bottles (petroleum based), to the waste management (including “recycling” which just ships the bottles to be some poorer country’s problem), not to mention the outrageous cost, there is just no reason to choose bottled water when we have access to potable water from a faucet.

Not even to mention how disgusting and sad it is to walk on a beach, like in Bermuda or Cozumel, and see plastic stuff littering the shore, washing up on the beaches.

Out in the Pacific, there’s a trash island that is twice the size of Texas. Seriously – we need to take advantage of the luxury we have. Drink tap water.