Bugaboo Frog Stroller Manual

Updated Post Found here.

The other day I scored a used Bugaboo Frog (probably 10 years old) for my friends who just had a tiny baby. The thing is, I wanted to give them the manual, since it’s a complicated stroller! I was surprised that I couldn’t find the manual easily online, but thanks to the Wayback Machine and a little googling, I was able to download the PDF. Other people have been searching for it, according to many forum sites. I thought I’d put it here in case someone else needed it.

Bugaboo Frog Instruction Manual

EDIT 2019/08/02: Wow, this post still has relevance! I never expected that when I posted it so many years ago. I’m glad to see so many caregivers choosing to reuse instead of buy new! I was able to find some parts available for the Bugaboo Frog in case you need to make some repairs. The canopy replacement clamps can be found here, and the bassinet fillet is here.

Also, by now you might need to change the inner tube for the wheels. I can’t find the one I’ve used to repair, but research seems to say that these 12.5″ inner tubes might do the trick. I’ve used a combination of YouTube videos on changing the inner tubes of bike tires and the back end of a spoon to change out the inner tubes on my strollers. I hope that helps!