No Guru

Last weekend I went to the AWP bookfair at the Washington State Convention Center. I was inspired to force myself to write every day. ANYTHING. Being great at procrastinating, I decided to start today and do a forty day project, since commitment and denial of pleasure is the mode for this time of year.

I am not burdened by affiliation with any religion or formal practice, which is why I wanted to start this with the title, “No Guru.” I’ve had many experiences that have brought me to where I am as a person, and I typically don’t like discussing such things in a public manner these days. My thought was to share some of the things that … oh shit, I’m chickening out as I write this.

OK, in the hopes that unlike the last 500 posts I’ve started, I’ll actually post this, I’m going to pull the trigger now. Who knew that writing over 140 characters at a time about myself would be this hard?