Spring Training

To say the least, I’ve been slacking. I’ve made excuses: busy at work, cold and wet outside, treadmills are boring, no training buddy. Meanwhile, I’ve gained 7 stubborn pounds and 1.5 inches on my thighs! Thankfully, the rest of me seems the same measurements, but I’m definitely feeling softer.

The big issue is that I’m adjusting to my new career and ambitions, new house, and enhanced social life. This had led to many lunches and dinners out, and delicious beers and cocktails. Then there’s the caloric granola that I sometimes eat in the morning. It’s not that breakfast is bad, but I’m starting the day eating for pleasure and not necessarily need. It’s not that eating for pleasure is bad, but I’m lacking the key moderation. Sometimes I’m not hungry in the morning, but eat anyway. Same goes for sizable dinner and drinks after a heavy lunch.

I’m using the Runner’s World iPhone app to set a new training schedule, and hoping that if I start small, I can get back into half-marathon condition. I started this morning, 2 days later than intended, with a morning 2 miler. Jon came with, and did an inaugural run in FiveFingers.

Almost at work, so I’m ending this post for now.