Tracking Progress

When I first started running, I purchased the Nike + SportBand, which is a slim-profile USB pedometer that syncs to your computer, can be used by 3rd party software to track your runs, and allows you to access the Nike+ community website and tools. It’s a great, low-cost, beginner’s tool, but it’s also inaccurate for tracking mileage, and doesn’t keep you from over-extending yourself, as that it has no heart-rate monitor.

After buying a separate heart rate monitor, that didn’t sync to my computer, I eventually gave in and sprung for the Garmin Forerunner 405CX GPS Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor It’s huge for my wrist, and the chest strap is a little awkward as that though I’m medium for a woman, I’m not one-size-fits-all. It is, however, fairly accurate at tracking my mileage, and I have no complaints on the heart rate monitor. It does, however, require regular charging, and recently, I’ve found that twice it was uncharged when I was ready to go on my run, and the last time I grabbed my seldom-used Nike+ Sportband, and found that also uncharged.

This led me to grab my trusty Casio Women’s Baby G Watch BG169WH-2V. I’ve had my current watch for about two and a half years now. I purchased it before my Hawaii vacation with the family, loving the fact that it was good for 200 meters (a dive watch, though the display leaves a bit to be desired for that purpose.) It has the handy function of being able to switch time zones, use it as a stop-watch, and also as a timer. I’m sure there’s other functions I don’t even use it for. It has the time and date right up front. It’s clunky and durable, and candy colored (mine’s orange). It’s also a great stand-in for a training watch, as that if you can plot your route and mileage (I use, you can plan your splits, and your target pace. It’s not as automatic, but it turns out my Baby G is a great standby. I’ve used this twice for a run – once in Hawaii recently, and once at home – and it gave me at least a good idea of my pacing. If only I had written it down when I got back. That’s the big draw-back. No automatic syncing!