Birthday Plans

This year, the Seattle Marathon is on my birthday. What better way to celebrate than to run a half marathon?

I really am serious. By the end of this week, I may be signed up.

I have had a week of fantastic runs. This morning, in the cool rain, I did a fast run in the neighborhood – my fast run being 32 minutes at an average pace of 9:18 and average HR of 168. It’s my best time as of yet, though I purposely ran less hills for this run.

I’ve decided that since I’ve taken to running up Phinney Ridge on at least one long run that I will use Phinney Ridge for my interval runs. That’s a 350ft gain in something like 4-5 blocks.

My last long run was almost 8 miles, and it felt great. The only problem was that I had to take two bathroom breaks! I blame this on pre-hydrating a bit too much, and coffee. Other things I’ve learned is that I need a hand-holster for my water bottle.

I think the next few weeks I will be figuring out what my Fall exercise schedule is going to look like. I’ll be working full time at least until January (when my internship is up) and I will be in class two nights a week. I’ll also have to adjust for the changing light.

Lots more to come. I’m loving running right now. I especially love running in my Five Finger Bikilas. They’re the best shoes I’ve ever worn! Looks like they’re still in great demand, though. I feel lucky to have gotten mine. Thanks, See Jane Run!