Comic Art Attempt

Yesterday I was sitting at my volunteer gig at 826 Seattle and decided that I would draw a comic. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I just though I’d start. My husband has taken a Write Like I Do taught by David Lasky, a local comic author/graphic novelist where they did a simple four panel of their day. I just went with a small square and built on it. This was my result. I had a melancholic coffee encounter earlier in the day, so it’s semi-autobiographical, except that doesn’t look like me at all, or something.

I need to draw more.

2 thoughts on “Comic Art Attempt

  1. Fun. I’ve been stumbling into a lot of web comics recently and have been trying to peg down what aspects actually make up a great comic. Drawing quality, content, story vs stand-alone.

    Thanks for sharing.
    -I am one of the candidates for the GirlDiver internship, that’s how I stumbled across your blog-


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