Slowing Down More

To say the least, I’m scaling back my intensity. On Friday, I went out for a 30 minute jog – then it started raining. It was already chilly, and I wasn’t really feeling up to a run anyway, but I went out hoping I could shake off some of the sluggishness.

Even though I hadn’t eaten in a few hours, I found that just a few minutes into my jog, I was getting some acid reflux. It was almost enough to make me want to just stop then and there. I moved on, and decided around 12 minutes into the run that I would just give up and head back, and make it a 20 minute jog. I paid attention to my heart rate, and kept it the lowest consistent bpm of recent – which is to say above 145, but below 160. My bunions were generally unhappy, and I was starting to wonder if I am developing arthritis(!).

A coworker of my husband’s who is currently studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu had told him that all of the guys he trains with view running as a disastrously dangerous sport for the body. I know it doesn’t have to be, however, I’m trying to find a way to make it work for me.

In other sport news – I went to a softball practice for a friend’s corporate softball team. I ended up with tendonitis in my forearm after one practice, and am going to have to bench it for awhile.

The hell? Can’t I catch a break?

I know that really, I should perhaps be going towards gentler body/mind sports, but I like being able to run and be badass. It’s hard to find balance.

Still frustrated, still working. Considering an evening jog on a treadmill to round out the day.