Calling the Run

I’ve been a diver since around February 2008 when I was certified by Girl Diver. One of the most important rules of diving (aside from diving with a buddy) is that anyone can call a dive, for any reason, at any time. This means that if you get geared up, and don’t even step in the water, you can say, “I’m not feeling it.” Or maybe (like happened to me once) you get stung by a jellyfish IN THE FACE, and you think, “Ow, I’m not going to continue this dive, I’m going up.”

Of course, running is a solo thing for me. There’s no turning to my buddy and saying, (signing) that I’m not sure I want to continue the run. There’s no one saying back to me, “Hey, let’s end this (run).” So there I was, after a pasta meal, 2 miles under my belt already and a good pace, and I was getting serious waves of nausea and stomach pain.

I’ve never had that kind of pain before – my husband complains of such things, though, when he exercises on a full stomach. It’s never been a problem with me – but then again, I’ve not been running with this kind of intensity before, and also – my Garmin needed to be charged, and was possibly being inaccurate with my heart rate.


I ended up walking for the last 9 or so minutes of my 30 minute run. I also ended up skipping the kick-off for the Team in Training. The first run with them is Saturday, and I don’t plan on missing that. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s run will go a bit more smoothly.