Day Off of Training (Plus note to readers)

Today was a running day, but I was feeling absolutely beat. I ached everywhere – partially due to starting to do yoga again. Then there was the four mile run I did on Thursday, and the five mile walk I did yesterday. I’m just working myself too hard, too fast.

I decided to take a long bath and read again from the Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running. Again, I was reminded that I should be easier on myself, as a novice, train a little slower, and train for time, not for mileage. Instead of going out for 4 miles, I should be going out for 40 minutes. I need to just chill out, especially to keep my injuries to a minimum. I think I’ll do an easy run tomorrow, maybe just a 30 minute (and ignore the mileage) and just have fun. I need to not work myself so hard.

I have started to look at the Team in Training official marathon training schedule for the Fall season. It’s not unlike what the book I have recommends. Slow and steady, right? Injury prevention, right? OK. I’ll chill out. Do some yoga. Weight training.

In other news to my readers – I know that some that know me that come across this blog might not have an enthusiasm for running the way I do. If you find this blog triggering, or upsetting in any way, please don’t read it. This is the way I’ve found to cope with stressors in my life, one of the major ones being a consciousness of mortality, and a willingness to do what I can to put myself in the best odds. I don’t expect anyone to make the same choices I do. To each their own. Take care of yourself. This is how I’m trying to take care of myself.