3 mile training run with 6 100m sprints

I’ve been up since 4:30am this morning, since my husband had to catch an early flight for work. It was grey until just a bit ago, and I ran out of time to waste if I was going to get my training run in before I had to be anywhere. A cup of coffee offered me only sporadic energy, so I went out feeling a little drained. Lack of sleep (thanks partially to some before-bed chocolate) made me sluggish and cranky, but I did rather well, keeping a pace of 11:26 min/mi. Despite thinking I was running a flat route, my Garmin let me know I was actually had an elevation change of over 700 ft!

I have a four mile hilly run on Thursday, and a five mile on Saturday – which I think I’ll do at Green Lake or some other pretty park area.

I was a bit baffled by the sprints part of my training – I’m considering seeing a sports doctor/trainer to see how I can maximize my running and minimize the impact on my body. My bunions are not happy!