Runner’s World Update

I received my reply from Runner’s World regarding my subscription issue.

Thank you for contacting Runner’s World Magazine customer service. We have removed your name from our Preferred Subscriber list. Your subscription will no longer be automatically renewed. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you wish to subscribe or renew in the future, you will need to contact us.

Well, that’s a relief. Never knew I was a Preferred Subscriber, nor did I know I would be “automatically renewed.” Now I know. It will apparently take awhile for them to unsub me from all their product listings, but they promise to do so.

It’s a nice magazine to read at the gym, and I like the website for basic info. I don’t need to read it monthly, though, and I’m just not too fond of being overcharged (when I can get it cheaper through Amazon) or being “automatically renewed.”

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