Lifestyle Fashion

In the past year or so, I’ve gotten into some activities that require “active wear.” First off, I started scuba diving – so I ended up getting the full scuba outfitting gear, thanks to GirlDiver being a Mares representative. Granted, this is mainly only fashionable on my way in or out of the water – but the SheDives line of gear is nicely fitted and smartly fashionable in a world where there’s not enough girl-friendly gear.

Then there was running. This had a whole separate gear requirement. The basics are simple, sports bra, shorts, shirt. If you want to get fancy, you want to get stuff that reduces chafing, like moisture wicking, form-fitting socks and tops. Nice breezy shorts help too. Thanks to a few clearance sales (REI and Title Nine) I was outfitted in no time.

Finally, there was yoga. I’m happy to do yoga at home in my pajamas, however, that doesn’t work so well when going to a studio. So, I bought a couple of outfits (one on clearance) at Lucy, which has cute, yet overpriced yoga wear.

The thing is about running and yoga – or at least, when I was doing them more often – is that the clothing I used for those activities were used solely for those activities. I just don’t get people wearing the fashion of active lifestyles (or things that look like they’re great for such activities, but really aren’t) when they don’t do those activities, or aren’t on their way to do so.

The New York Times has an article here that looks at Lululemon, the yoga lifestyle apparel company, and how they’re selling a feeling. It’s not unlike what I experienced at the vendor tables when I went to see Pema Chodron a few weeks ago. People will buy the books, the CDs, the inspirational cards and purses hand made by whoever … but owning those things won’t do the meditation for you. Your yoga clothes won’t make you more limber any more than your Nike running shorts will make you fit to run a marathon all by themselves.

I admit, the pretty active fashions are captivating, but do I really need a t-shirt to prove that I’m more enlightened than you?