Back in Seattle

I am pleased to report that I have made it back to Seattle alive and well. We spent about four days in the fantastic Bay Area. Our host lives in the Mission, so we spent a lot of time in and around there. I got to visit 826 Valencia, where Dave Egger’s tutoring empire all began. I was mopped while I was there. (Please go there to find out more about mopping. There are helpful signs to give you the story.) I got to care for an extremely drunk woman who we randomly met at a club (and found her friend, and got her into a cab home!) We ate Mission burritos, drank local beer, co-hosted a beer tasting and pizza dinner, had great times with friends (wrote saucy status updates for them), visited the Googleplex… it was quite amazing.

California is a special, weird place. It is America in all it’s America-ness. It’s got that frontier spunk and boob-job exterior. I really appreciate the multicultural aspects of San Francisco, juxtaposed to the Seattle monoculture. I am not as keen on the car necessity, however the BART may make it worth living there anyway.

The great thing about vacation is passing through that threshold into a world of infinite possibilities. It’s broadening your understanding, broadening your choices of personality and place. I still hate flying – but leaving Seattle for a long weekend has me thirsting for more.