Running Outside

Since I started this venture into the world of running, I’m happy to say that only a few times have I gone on a treadmill. Most of the time I’ve spent running around my neighborhood, and when I went to Chicago in July, around my friend’s neighborhood. Seattle’s slip into the rainy season has driven me to the treadmill at least twice, and when we recently visited family in NY, I was compelled to use the fitness center at the hotel we were staying at.

This morning, I’ve never been so grateful to run outdoors. My route takes me on a nice, mostly flat path, past well manicured gardens and beautiful, large houses. More important, though, it takes me past other people who are enjoying the morning by walking, jogging, running with their baby in a running stroller, or conversing with friends on the sidewalk. The neighborhood has an uncharacteristic quiet hum and the morning dew makes the smells of autumn sparkle as I pass the neighborhood P-Patch. The air is bracing when I initially step out, but by the end of my jog, I find my long-sleeved t-shirt is a little too warm.

Contrast this with stale damp air, blank walls, humming, thrumming equipment, silent TV’s flickering and if you’re so lucky as my last gym, throbbing dance music. Yeah. Easy contest to win, at least for me.

The problem comes with the fact that today was a mild autumn day. The sun was shining most of today, often brightly, and I wore my fleece unzipped a greater part of the day. I’ve purchased a light waterproof and breathable jacket for jogging (and unfortunately found a better one for half the price today), and a reflective cap for warmth and visibility. My problem is that it’s now time to shell out for some capris and pants, perhaps a vest, and some tech-tees that are long-sleeved. I rather shell out for these things than pay to use a treadmill through the winter, however, I can’t seem to find the will to fork over the $200 that would be required to gear myself up for my 3 days/week of jogging. My new venture into yoga has been blissfully less expensive, as that bare feet cost nothing, and when I’m practicing at home, my pajamas work great!

I look forward to heading out again tomorrow morning, on what will likely be an even quieter morning.