Week 8 and beyond… the Fitness Update

OK – sorry this is coming so late! I’ve been busy (well, as unemployed life goes) these past few weeks. The report on the running is that I’m not making the progress I wish I was – that is to say, I’m doing the “slow and steady” bit, and so far, am not improving time-wise, but seem to be improving endurance. This is great for the long haul, but I wish my success was instantaneous. The good news is that I’m still doing at least three sessions per week, and I’m mixing it up with some inclines because this is Seattle, long flat stretches just don’t come often, and get boring after awhile.

I’m considering entering a 5k fun run at the end of the month, just to give it a shot. I know that I might end up walking part of the way, but maybe I should just do it. I’ll consider it after next week.

So, what’s been keeping me so busy? I’ve been helping my dive instructor, Girl Diver with some of her classes. Last weekend, I got to assist in a class where I knew three of the students. It was a good weekend, though tiring. This is the second class I’ve assisted with in the past month – the first one was an advanced class. Since I’m not certified as anything but an advanced diver, I can’t do any of the work with the students in the water – but I can serve as a buddy! This brings me to the latest – next week I’m going to get my butt kicked by Girl Diver as that I’ve enrolled in her Rescue Diving course, which promises to be a harrowing challenge. She prides herself on having one of the toughest PADI rescue courses in the area, but this is because she has an emphasis on safety. Once I complete Rescue, it means that I’ll be eligible to enter the Divemaster program. It’s exciting, yet intimidating stuff – which could end up as a job, though unfortunately not a paying one quite yet.

Remember – if you go to Girl Diver for any dive training, tell her I sent ya! Every referral helps continue my education! 🙂

In other fitness news, I’ve been able to go to my local yoga center for class almost once a week so far. It’s tough going back, because one 1.25 hr session will make my muscles ache for days! It feels like nothing going through it, but the impact the following days can’t be ignored. Today I cracked open one of my yoga books and did a 15 minute session. It feels good and familiar, but when I do it on my own I can’t help but be concerned that I’m doing it wrong.

It’s cheaper doing it at home, though – $15/session cheaper.

So that’s the brief update of my life in fitness topics. It’s pretty much all I’m doing lately – that and agonizing over being hungry all the time. The trick for me right now is to figure out how to fuel my activity without over-fueling. We’ll see how the next few weeks work out. Also coming the next few weeks – the change in seasonal temperature! How will this impact my outdoor activities? Dry suit for diving? Vest and raingear for running? Maybe a part time gig at a outdoor clothing store or a dive shop might be worth a gander, huh?