Nike+ Today

This is the third day I’ve done my walk/run with my Nike+ SportBand. The site has a way to post my progress to my blog, so I figured I’d try it out. So far, in my 30 min walk/run, I’ve shaved off over a minute since my first walk/run EVER (which was last Monday.) I took two days off, and wouldn’t ya know, I’m actually at a faster pace for a more sustained period. I’m very excited about this. There are some things that I wish were better about the Nike+ SportBand system and site, but I’ll save that for another post. For now – I’m just still in an endorphin glow just knowing that this is something I can do.

One thought on “Nike+ Today

  1. I bought a Nike+ Sportsband about a month ago and have been enjoying it a lot. I definitely have issues with it, but all in all it is a good product. The Nike+ website sucks, though.

    I will write more about it later in my LiveJournal, but I am glad to hear someone else is using it.

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