Advanced Open Water

I just completed (with Jon) my Advanced Open Water (PADI) scuba certification with GirlDiver! Of course, we weren’t the only ones on the boat today, so thanks to Julie and Jack who were also certified with us – Julie was in my Open Water class and was my dive-buddy! And a big shout-out to Teal Water Charters, the wonderful boat that took us on our three final dives today (including the 100 ft dive!) They were super-hospitable, handy, helpful and made us feel welcome, and made the hard parts of diving easier (in cold water, it’s getting all the gear on and off, and back to the car! You have to have extra weight to sink!)

It was a blast, even if Friday night’s dive was cold and yesterday’s navigation dive was brutal (snowing, sleeting, raining AND breaks of sun ?!?!?!)

Remember, it’s a cool 46 degrees in Puget Sound! But this weekend, it was also under 40 degrees at the surface! Warmer in the water!

And yes, I dive in a semi-dry (aka, very warm wet) suit. No dry suit for me (but maybe in winter!)

I can’t wait til Hawaii!