Yesterday I bought a sewing machine. It’s a Brother XL 2600. It was $87 and change from I simply can’t wait to start sewing.

The reviews for this machine are that it’s a great starter, but not a workhorse. It might not last me two years. This is fine by me, cos I’m just exploring my sewing possibilities right now. $87 on a sewing machine means if I get two wearable shirts, or a wearable shirt and skirt out of it, it’s paid for itself. If I love sewing after a year, I’ll consider upgrading.

I’m grateful that my mother had me by her side while I was growing up, so I could watch her cut patterns, alter patterns, and sew by machine and by hand. I helped her wind bobbins and even learned to sew on her old metal Singer (which finally died last year after over 30 years of use.) My mom clothed herself, my dad and me, and did countless projects on that machine, including quilts, pot holders, curtains, suits, dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, banners and costumes. The machine was heavy, metal and she could take it apart and fix it. None of this computer bullshit, and no automatic whatevers (well, the bobbin winder was kind of automatic.)

I think finding a workhorse like that would be hard. I mean, the only plastic parts were a bit on the front cover and the plastic bottom.

I’m excited. Now to find some plus-sized patterns that don’t suck. 🙂