What I Learned from Today’s Shopping

Shopping was an ordeal tonight, and frankly, I wasn’t in the mood. Here’s what I learned:

1. Macy’s is now carrying Made In USA tagged clothing, in hip styles (did I just write “hip”?), in their Women’s department. Cool.
2. Do not go shopping during possibly hormonal times-o’-the-month.
3. Today is not the day to finally give in and realize that yes, indeed, according the the measurements I have, that I’ve known for awhile now, I do actually need to pick a size larger in pants. Yes, I actually have lost weight and have gone down a size, but that just means I was wearing 2 sizes too small. This also doesn’t mean that some things in a smaller size don’t fit, it just means that it really, truly is just a number. I need to go w/ what looks good, and forget that number stuff.
4. Numbers?! Lane Bryant has started a proprietary sizing for their jeans. They require a sales person’s measuring of you, and the numbers don’t correspond to any of the traditional sizing methods. Even better, the styles of jeans can have a different number size for you. And of course, this means, hypothetically, that a size 18 person will wear their size 4. Now, I understand the 1, 2, 3 standing for XL, XXL and XXXL respectively. It doesn’t even correspond to that. I’d really like to understand this at some point.
5. Thanks to a $50 coupon, I bought a bunch of accesory crap. No doubt, Made in China. See #2 for the possible reason for this silly splurge.

Unrelated to today’s shopping, but related to last week’s browsing in neighborhood, I was delighted to find out that Trendy Wendy in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle sells plus size clothing made in America.

And now, to sort stuff and hope to get rid of my tension headache.