About two years ago I started buying toner to round out my face-washing regimen. I was working in Whole Body at Whole Foods and I got a freebie of Zia toner, and figured it was a good idea. Afterall, it’s supposed to prime your face for moisturizer.

In my recent mood for scaling down consumption (and waste), I started pondering my use of toner. I’ve been using Aveda toner for the past two years, and I like the smell, and it’s a refreshing spritz. However, the ingredients make me wonder just why I bother. Alcohol, essential oils, water, some unpronouncable chemicals that I’m sure are to make me more youthful. Why bother?

Ashes, a human I was acquainted with years ago, had the most lovely hair I could imagine. It was red, curly and long. Ashes told me that s/he didn’t use shampoo and conditioner. Afterall, shampoo just strips your hair of natural oils, and conditioner just replaces them. What a racket! Jon posited that toner sets the stage for moisturizer by further drying your face. Huh, it just kind of makes sense, especially with the alcohol content.

A spritz of toner is refreshing, but is it worth the wasted packaging and the shipping costs of a product that is mostly water?

I’ve decided for now to give up my toner. It’s $20 I save, along with packaging.

In other related news — I’ve found a local mineral make-up company, Terra Firma Cosmetics. I haven’t tried it on my face yet, but it’s something to look into — if I don’t give up make-up altogether. 🙂 I’m also ecstatic to find B & Lu, a plus-sized clothing retailer that lists many clothes, if not all, as being made in the USA. I dig that. I’m also learning to love the hunt for good clothing in thrift stores.

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  1. I’ve heard toner is supposed to adjust pH. Most of them just strip oils. Any foamy cleanser is going to be alkaline. Your skin is supposed to have an acid layer; it’s part of your nonspecific immune system. Doing a quick google, a 1:1 mix of apple cider vinegar and water should serve the purpose, though it probably won’t smell as nice.

    I’m hating the hunt for good clothing in general.

  2. Thanks for the US-made clothes site. Lots more clothes and other American-made products on

  3. Thanks for describing a phase of skin care that needs to be highlighted. I’m just beginning to develop a skin care site, and will keep the idea of adding a toner to the skin care regimen in mind as I develop the site further.

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