Experiment for a Long Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend, I invite you, my two (maybe three) readers to influence your friends (and take upon yourselves) to buy American.

The reason I ask this is to raise consciousness of just how much America is dependent on other countries for every aspect of our daily lives. I’ve been doing this the past couple weeks, primarily with products I was interested in purchasing.

Think about how many miles the ingredients traveled. Think of the energy involved in that transport. Think about the NEED for that product versus the DESIRE. What are the conditions of the workers who manufacture these products? How much of the product is dependent on corn, soy or petroleum for its existence?

Speaking of corn and other fillers — I looked briefly at some drug store make-up that is following the “mineral” make-up trend. The options are at least half the price of the infomercially popular Bare Minerals, but contain talc and corn starch as fillers, along with FD&C colors for pigment.

And in other consumer news: Though I vanpool the total 90 miles to and from work every day, I still fill the gas tank of our car, which requires premium only. I filled the tank on Thursday to the tune of $52.66.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!