Recommended Drink and Food

Every once and awhile I’ll get a hankerin’ for some veggie juice. Everyone is aware of V8, and it’s the easiest to find of vegetable juices. However, V8 is a megabrand, and though they have an organic version, it’s only USDA organic, and is not certified by an outside, independent group. I’ve previously tried Kagome True Vegetable Garden, which is yummy, but lacks the pizazz that I’m after. It is smooth and very drinkable, and even refreshing. It’s hard to find, however, and unless your natural grocery store (or convential store in the natural aisle) carries it, you’re SOL.

That brings me to Knudson’s Organic Very Veggie. Knudsons is found everywhere, and this one is independently certified organic. It’s chunky, which I’m less than thrilled about, but it’s bursting with flavor, reminding me what real vegetables taste like. It’s got a bit of spice to it that V8 in it’s plain incarnation lacks. Knudsons is still not going to be the easiest to find to quench the veggie juice thirst, but it’s a nice alternative.


Speaking of other savory drinks, the Bloody Mary’s at Moxie in Queen Anne are the most worthy I’ve had in Seattle.

And as for sushi, my new favorite place is Rain in Wallingford. Yum yum yum!