The Life I Live

Much has happened since I last updated. I will attempt to summarize to the best of my ability.

Around mid-November I passively gave up on NaNoWriMo. Turns out that the process wasn’t all for naught, in that I spurred me to figure out what I really wanted to work on, which was art. Since then, I’ve been slowly getting things together to work on a project that is coming together at a snail’s pace. It’s a good project, though (entailing water based media and collage), and I intend to follow through, even if it takes awhile.

Meanwhile, I had a few other epiphanies thanks to listening to the Pema Chodron Getting Unstuck cds that a dear friend got for me a few months ago. I think that I really should invest a solid block of time for meditation daily. It’s on my to-do list.

If I had one, at least, it would be on it.

I turned 28 at the end of the month of November. It’s quite weird for me to not be all ecstatic about a birthday, but maybe this just means I’m getting older. That’s hopefully not a bad thing. I received a ton of gifts for the occasion, including a fabulous digital camera (that I’ve since used and posted photos to my flickr page.) I was able to splurge at my favorite cosmetic store, Sephora, thanks to a gift card. I swear, I’m not that girly, nor that stuck-up. I do love the shiney, though.

(and wrt cosmetics/skin-care, an update on my previous post re: skin care, I ended up going to Aveda and have been quite pleased with their skin care line.)

And then there’s the big news – I got a job. A real, live, social work job. It’s my first social work job out of grad school, and I’m terrified and excited at the same time. It’s a tough commute, promises to be a tough job (working with psychiatrically committed criminals), and will at least be rewarding in the fact that, should I survive, I should be able to start paying the federal government back for those oh-so-generous loans during my schooling.

It figures that by the time I actually figure what to do with my time away from work that I actually get a job.

I still intend to do volunteering w/ the LGBT Community Center here in Seattle, as well as fill-in shifts as a sex-education retailer.

That’s my life now. Within a few weeks, I will have worked 2 weeks at my new job *and* be on my way to sunny Florida for a family vacation to Disney World.

Ugh. This is a great public impression for the web. I’m a girl who a) loves make-up, shopping and shineys, b) goes to Disney World for vacation. Please don’t judge me!! 🙂

I’m a hard working, smart girl. I swear.

And that’s the story for now. Good afternoon!

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