Recommended Purchase: Octo T-Shirt $9

My old friend Mark in Chicago has a shirt on of an octo. It’s available today only, for the cost of $9 per shirt. It’s a steal! Even the shipping is cheap. Seriously. I’m a huge fan of octos, especially after diving with the Giant Pacific Octopus in Puget Sound. They’re graceful, and wicked smart. Molitorious coupled his awesome illustration style with the beauty of an octo. I have to admit, I’ve mulled over the idea of an octo tattoo before, and this design may just be worthy of that (though, I’d probably commission a specific illustration if I were to go through with the idea.)

Anyway, check it out:

Now go to and buy one today!

Shout out to another artist friend of mine, David Lasky. I now desire to have some of your art on a t-shirt. 🙂 Specifically, something from your James Joyce comic.