Coffee vs. Social Work

Early this afternoon I was getting my Nico (a coffee drink at Vivace in Seattle) and chatting with Don, one of our usual baristas. We see Don most days he works, because we are at Vivace most every day. Somehow or another, we started talking about the new Stumptown (Portland-based coffee roasters) locations on the Hill. I mused a bit on how maybe I should quit my job and try being a barista. I told him, though, my barista training came from Starbucks (not to mention my brief time at Seattle’s Best Coffee), and I’m not sure that was adequate. Don encouraged me, reminding me that I did work at the ‘bucks before their push-button machines. Don said something about Stumptown like, “I hear they pay well and have good benefits…”

Maybe I should quit social work and try to be a Seattle barista?

He suggested us swapping jobs. I laughed.

If only!

Requisite Update

Whoa… no January post.. so I never gave the post family/Disney redux!! Quickly put, myself, Jon and his family went to Walt Disney World for Xmas and New Years. It was a hypnotically good time filled with occasional amazing meals at night, long lines for everything, tacky, sparkly things I just had to have and a barrel of joy that just had to be the drugs in the water. I came away dazed and rather horrified at how much TinkerBell stuff I had purchased. It’s not something I’d really want to do again any time soon, but really… it’s not that different from Burning Man.

Moving on…

I’ve been really busy with my new job. It’s quite a trip, I must say. Inside where I work, it’s hard to tell just who the crazy person is sometimes… or even more fun, who’s the person who has pending charges of rape, murder, etc, and who has the charges for public urination, unlawful improsnment, assault. We have it all. Violent, unmanaged tempers and docile, polite individuals. And then there are the patients!! hahahaha. Seriously though, it really is that varied. On my caseload, I have intolerant and hostile people that will call me the worst things you’ve ever heard, and polite, thankful people that will tell me that I’m too nice. Meanwhile, among my own class at the hospital, the psychiatric social workers, we’re fighting for recognition as a professional class, and the pay to go with it.

Ah, the politics of a state institution!

In other news, I’m officially getting married April 8. I have 2 friends in Chicago working on important aspects of the wedding, including making the dress and arranging the ceremony. Tomorrow I’ll be talking w/ them about details. I’ve also been in correspondence with people at about getting custom, ecologically sensitive rings made for Jon and I. This is going to hopefully be a simple, memorable occasion. We’re thinking of going to Cupcake Royale for a cupcake tasting for the wedding cake-ish thing.

In additional news, I’ve been having fun amassing a new wardrobe thanks to my new job. And also, before I forget it, I officially quit my employment w/ Babeland, which is sad, but wasn’t managable w/ the new job and hellish commute. Let’s see, what else should I write here?

My friend Damien will be moving into my building from Chicago in just a month or so. It’s very exciting. Welcome to Seattle, Damien!

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching. Spring is coming soon!!