NaNoWriMo and other projects

I was meaning to make a real update, but instead I thought I’d write about my plans to do NaNoWriMo. Last year, I had signed up, but I didn’t end up doing it for a few reasons. One reason was the fact that I’m *really bad* at writing fiction that has an ending. Middles are even a bit hard. It seems that my writing skills are primarily in the non-fiction catagory, and even when I have attempted to write fiction, it’s ended up as sort of a veiled reality.

This year, I hope for better. This year, I think maybe a lesbian erotic thriller might be in the works. That might be asking too much for myself, but it’s not like I’m working much these days. Here’s hoping for organization and inspiration.

Other projects I need to work on: finding a place to volunteer to get me closer to a job in social work, dressing up my resume and sending out a bunch of packets that show my greatness to would-be employers, work on some more scholarly like essays and post them here… and PROFIT. Or something.

Keep your fingers crossed that this all works out.