Running in Bad Weather, Go to the Gym

Yesterday, the forecast was for winds around 50 miles per hour. That, plus 45°F temps and rain made me want to stay inside. I’m naturally cold, with frosty hands on warm days. I also ridiculously gave my warmer jogging gear to Goodwill because it was too big. Too big is still warmer!

I headed to my gym, which is a small inexpensive place a few blocks away from my house. I haven’t been in for a few weeks as that I’ve been spending most of my exercise time road running. When the weather is nice, who wants to be in a windowless basement gym?

Yesterday, I did. I packed up my padlock and card, threw my North Face jacket over my running clothes and braced for the cold walk to the gym. Once there, I got on the treadmill, and found that within a few minutes I was in a constant state of “Am I done yet?” Running on a treadmill is so unbelievably boring for me, and though I only needed to jog 2 miles, this was 2 excruciatingly boring miles! Thankfully, a completely hyperbolic Law and Order: Criminal Intent was on, and hooked me in the last third of the show. Sociopathic boy? Kyle McLachlan? Creepy and interesting! Complete mind candy! Wow, that mile went by pretty fast.

I’m intimidated because Sunday I have a 5 mile run planned, and hope to do it around Green Lake. I might need to bring my own NCIS on my iPhone if I’m forced to run on the treadmill. I’m just not a cold running person.