Invincibility Through Endorphins

I just came in from my most amazing run yet. I’m coasting an endorphin high after doing a short, fast run (only 15 min, but building up!) in my Five Fingers Sprints in a Seattle downpour. I went out, got completely drenched, ran the fastest that I could, and came back feeling triumphant. I threw my Sprints in the washer as that they were caked in mud on the top.

I’ve had Ani DiFranco in my head lately, and the song “Anticipate” from Live in Clip have running through my head. I have songs that go through my head while I run. Usually it has something about running or speed in the lyrics. I’m not sure what gets Anticipate in my head. Maybe it’s just the rhythm.

Here’s the breakdown of this run today:

  • Time: 00:15:02
  • Distance: 1.606 mi
  • Avg Pace: 09:19 min/mi
  • Avg HR: 171 bpm

If I can manage to keep this up for a full 5K, I might actually meet the challenge that was set up for me for my upcoming race (better than 30 min for 5K).

Now, to shower and get to my last ceramics class. 🙂