Welcome to the New


After much dithering, and a lot of time, I’ve finally gotten my new blog up and running. I should also say, I’ve gotten the data from my old blog, quasilaur.net, merged into this blog after most of the data was seemingly lost for the ages. (Moral of the story: don’t lose contact with the person who hosts your data, don’t lose your passwords, keep your version updated.) The blog I had moved to in between quasilaur and ironheadjane used my (now inaccurate) real name. I’ve scrapped that nonsense now and with all my data in one place, you can now rest assured that I am Quasilaur, aka Iron Head Jane (a little hard headed.)

Whew. It took database mucking about and reading lots of documentation to get this site to the basic state it’s in. There’s definite work to be done, but at least the content is there. I’m late in my annual baking frenzy chronicling, and I hope to get to that ASAP.

The photo is of vegan spritz cookies I made last month to celebrate Ref 74 passing here in Washington.

See y’all again soon!

Web Design

I’ve kept myself busy lately working on learning CSS and PHP. What does this mean? It means I’m working on designing and customizing web pages. Specifically, I’m helping a friend roll out a new website for her business. If this works, I may have a career ahead of me. If it doesn’t, well, it’s been a great way to occupy my time. I get so engrossed in it, it’s like the whole world fades away. It’s pretty awesome, in fact. I love diving in headlong into a project.

I’ve selected a few books that have been helping me on my way so far, and thought I would list them here.

I bought all of these books through Amazon at a substantial savings from the brick-and-mortar shops. What all of these books have in common is that they’re not too basic for the smart and savvy web user, but they also don’t assume that you know everything, or don’t have any gaps. Some of the books I looked at before selecting these actually talked down to me, if they weren’t already distracting me with poor page lay-out.

In the next couple weeks I hope to be rolling out the new site that I’ve been working on. Stay tuned for that.

Click through to help me test something…

Please click through on these links: Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome and Chef’n Switchit Dual Ended Long Spatula.

Doing so will help me figure out, hopefully, what’s going on with my Amazon Associates. Also – feel free to buy them. The immersion blender is a best-seller, reasonably priced, and great for winter squash mashing and soup, and the spatula is a favorite of mine, also great for soups and sauces!