Electric Shaver RIP – April 09 – July 09

When I was discharged from the ER in March, I left with a packet of information on how to manage my new world of anticoagulation. First and foremost – do not climb ladders, second – say goodbye to leafy greens (that is, until you work out something practical with the people overseeeing your care). In the reduction of injury department came the encouragement to purchase an electric shaver for your smooth skin needs. I’ve been a fan of the old Gillette Venus, with it’s three measly blades (!) for about – uh – 8 years now? So fond that I haven’t upgraded to the five blade silliness.

Given that I risked hemorrhaging, what with the warfarin and all, I fnally broke down and bought a Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies’ Wet / Dry Rechargeable Shaver at my local Walgreens. For the price (around $30), I wasn’t expecting much. The reviews I found on various sites were rather dismal, and the pamphlet that came with the shaver recommended a number of uses before passing judgment.

Since I only expected to be on blood thinners for 4-6 months, I figured this was worth a try, and a small investment for summertime and vacation bare legs. It definitely took some getting used to, and made my shaving time 3x as long, but in the end, it seemed to work out rather well. I was pleased with my purchase, and was happy that I had this rather thrifty solution.

That is, until last week when what should have been a fully charged shaver, didn’t turn on. I figured maybe it hadn’t been seated in the charger well, but after another few days, well seated, it still held no charge (though the green light was on while charging.) After weekly use for three months (almost 4!) I pronounce my shaver dead. I think it was worth every penny I paid for it, and for a short-term solution, it did exactly what I wanted to do.

However – if electric shavers are your main leg grooming agent – I’d go elsewhere.